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Saturday, November 20, 2004
The Lake, Again
Went out about noonish, in time to hear the roar from Northwestern/Illinois game at the stadium -- "Touchdown, Wildcats! Illinois, Nothing!" (announcer presses Wildcat scream button "Yeeeooowwwwooooaaarrrr"). The Cats play their last game in ..... Hawaii! Makes you want to go back to college again, doesn't it? They'd got rid of football at University of Buffalo where I went for undergrad through complete lack of interest (or maybe everyone was in Viet Nam), though I think it's back again. (Interesting concept -- when football disappears can war be far behind? Hmmmm... this isn't the NaNoWriMo blog, however.)

So was a little distracting, but the colors a little less subtle today than yesterday, no fog, one or two spits of drizzle.

Colors would make a good sweater, though without luminosity.

Mottled black white gray
quite white, at an angle, sloping south
stripes alternating narrowly
creamy white/ violety gray
horizon hits here
dark blue gray
violetish gray
aqua, nearly teal
paler, aqua, yellower, with some umber beneath
more sienna toward beach
Current running from NW to SE, left shoulder to right hand
Pale ripple, bird runs along beach
windy, fewer leaves in dunes
tired gray/beige/flesh sand, no pink
grassy cad yellow, limp.

But no rain.

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