Fresh Paint
Tuesday, November 23, 2004
Two Days Ago
Was about 4:00, and light coming from west illuminated the clouds slightly and made a few odd patterns on the water, but not as odd as the fingernail scraping you see on the right. Was my first day with actual light blue sky underneath the clouds, I didn't quite know how to proceed. This is only six inches tall, and craypas is better suited for bigger projects. So why am I doing it this way? Beats me.

Still seems a bit too bright for me, but I think it's partly how it scanned. Partly.

This is still a fascinating project for me (doing little oil pastel drawings from notebook color descriptions), though people looking for more of my award-winning* snarky political comments are out of luck.

And all you knitters, I know you despair for a soul lost. I will be starting something shortly, however, because it will be a long, cold winter if I don't. Socks, perhaps.

*not really

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