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Friday, November 26, 2004
Cat and Dogs Blogging
This about says it all:

It also apparently describes the scene at Wal-Mart this morning about 5:00. People were allowed to put their hands on the pallets holding the tvs and dvd-players of their dreams, but couldn't actually cut through the plastic strapping material until the signal was given. And then all hell broke loose. At the other end of the sale, burly guards stood in the line to mark the "end" of the sale line, and many hard feelings ensued, not just verbal.

All this while I peacefully slept.

Tomorrow we have all decided we need to get some exercise, so hope to have some interesting pictures. Spent another day digesting and watching all 3 versions of "Freaky Friday" while lying bloated on the couch, so didn't get snaps of the chickens etc. So no chicken blogging until tomorrow. I realize this is a disappointment, but there you go.

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