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Wednesday, September 01, 2004
Wisconsin Pushed
The wonderful Hesiod has this about push-polls in Wisconsin unveiled by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and a pushee:
Unfortunately for them, they called the wrong guy: A democratic activist who jotted down their questions, and signed an affidavit confirming all of it.

They also made a boo boo by trying that in Wisconsin, which has a state law requiring any polling firm to reveal who is paying for a poll if asked. Naturally, the gentleman asked the caller who was paying for the poll.
I canvassed in Wisconsin last weekend for Kerry with undecideds and slight leaners, and several mentioned how they had been for Kerry, but they were thinking about Bush again. I wonder now if they'd been pushed. Maybe our low-key canvass helped switch them back.

Get out there, people! Talk to the neighbors! Many undecided people just want to chat with a reasonable human being about this stuff and are turned off by the ads and slime. Just one person's mind changed per precinct will make a difference.

Regardless of what they say, I believe most are unhappy about Bush but feel they need to support him ONLY because they voted for him last time. We can help them thru this.

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