Fresh Paint
Friday, March 26, 2004
We Interrupt This Program
.... to bring you important breaking news....


I would use a larger font and insert music if I knew how, but I'm sure you're glad I don't know these things. A friend has offered to document the sweater when it is finally assembled, including buttons (curiously missing from most of the things I knit), so I will upload a snap at that point. So if you don't see anything from me in about a week, please email me to voice your complaints and give a little electronic goose.

That's it for now. Bush could have done a dozen stupid things today but I wouldn't have noticed. Will start paying attention again as soon as I start in on the Shawl Collar. But have to sew the shoulders together first.

Since it seems to be All Basketball All the Time on tv tonight, have rented a mess of DVDs to see me through the collar. Must knit fast. It was close to (if not past) 70 degrees today, and steamy. Don't want to have to turn on the air conditioner so I can finish this thing.

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