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Friday, August 14, 2009
Thank You, Brits!
Britons defend their National Health Service
LONDON - Britons love to mock their creaky National Health Service — but they don't want anyone else poking fun at it.

They particularly don't want right-wing Americans to use Britain's universal health care system as a punching bag in their battle against President Barack Obama's proposed reforms.

Conservatives in the United States are using horror stories about Britain's system to warn Americans that Obama is trying to impose a socialized system that would give the government too much power, but Britons are digging in their heels, saying their system should be praised, not demonized.
I had a boyfriend like this once. He complained about his mother constantly, what a psycho she was, how manipulative, etc. etc. wait till you meet her, etc. etc.

Finally I met her. "Boy, I see what you mean," I said.

"How dare you criticize my mother!" he screamed, and that was the end of the boyfriend.

Here in this country we've been rationing health care for so long no one even thinks of it as rationing. Under my old health insurance (back when it was still theoretically good, only 500 buck deductible, etc.) I had to wait 4 months to get an appointment with a doctor who was IN THE NETWORK.

Now, of course, my rations are zero, since I have no health insurance at all, so I don't dare get sick.

I am certain that for every "horror" story a right wing politician here digs out about health service in other countries, a far greater outrage story is taking place right in his own legislative district, and he very well knows it but wants money from the "health" lobby to win him the next election.

We need a comprehensive national health plan. We need to stop thinking of health as a profit center. I find it morally repugnant that someone would consider the health of my body fair game to make a buck.

BTW, for the past week the trending topics on Twitter have all been an appreciation of the NHS.

Thanks again, youse guys.


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