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Wednesday, August 12, 2009
Take Whole Foods Down
Being a mindless liberal, I guess I figured that a crunchy granola, earth shoe kind of store like Whole Foods would have at least an official fuzzy sorta progressive outlook about stuff I care a lot about (and what I thought the entire concept of Whole Foods represented), stuff like health care.


Did you realize that the head of Whole Foods, John Mackey, just wrote the most screaming, looney ultra-right wing bit of crap under the aegis of rational discussion about health care "reform"?

Basically, he wants high deductibles, remove any consumer protections and coverage requirements, pretty much get rid of Medicare, and throw my precious health and life open to the free and unfettered purity of slash and burn, take no prisoners, free-for-all of market forces seen at their worst. And fuck you, if you're sick or don't make enough money to stay healthy. Just continue shopping for my overpriced veggies so that I can pay for my own health insurance with the high deductible while getting bigger bonuses for self and cronies.

I realize many of you will laugh, remembering other great boycotts from the past -- lettuce, grapes, Domino's pizza. I realize many of us are sick of scrutinizing the political correctness of this and that -- but CHEEZ!

I hope this guy gets a TON of blowback from his customers. Former customers, I hope.

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