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Monday, August 10, 2009
RIP: Patrick Sweeney

I am so sorry that my old friend Patrick Sweeney has died. I just heard about it. He was a fixture of the Carbondale music/farming/old hippie community for 30 years, and my sister's neighbor. I can't even begin to recount the good Patrick stories. This blog details a few and has some great pix as well.

Local Matters: Patrick Sweeney

I knew he'd been fighting pancreatic cancer for awhile -- just a few months ago the benefit that had been scheduled for him was blown away by the inland hurricane that hit southern Illinois. I'd been planning to go to it -- but couldn't get away for the rescheduled one.

This is such sad news. He'd already fought cancer once -- he was so amazed that chemotherapy gave him wonderful masses of thick, curly hair instead of the thin, stringy hippie hair he'd had for so long. But that was Patrick all over.

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