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Tuesday, October 21, 2008
Patrick W. Welch, 1965-2008
Very sad news for the art community. I just learned of the death of Patrick W. Welch (unless it's an awful stunt dreamt up by the band of artists such as Paul Nudd and Eric Doeringer. Sometimes you just don't know.)

Will see if I can find out more.

UPDATE: There's a brief notice on the Gescheidle website, so, gulp, it must be true. I always really liked his tiny little paintings that had been a fixture at Gescheidle.

UPDATE2: Gapersblock has a mention, with links to article they did and an interview.

His Myspace page is here.

Art or Idiocy has a brief notice.

UPDATE3: Sharon Butler has an excellent obituary here, with many notes and links about his work.

Thank you, Susan Gescheidle, for the email containing many of the details contained in Sharon Butler's obit. What a loss.

The last show I knew about was last year. I got an email and blogged about it. Never went to the show. Damn.


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