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Friday, September 03, 2004
Today's Catch
What have I been doing today besides writing letters to the newspaper about how wonderful John Kerry is?

This morning I went out painting, and here's what I brought back. Image is a little washed out with oil glare, but I knew you'd want to see it right away.

It was very misty by the lake, but the color change from far to near was breathtaking -- the lawn stretching out to the buildings by the harbor really was a wonderful acid green, and the trees were misty and indistinct.

Yesterday was similar, but I was painting in a different location, with a different head on my shoulders. Here's yesterday's painting.

And yes, it looks like it was painted by an insane person. These trees and field were all the way (maybe a quarter of a mile?) across a lagoon, and the details were fairly indistinct. Why I pulled myself in practically on top of the scene, I'll never know. Why I got so obsessively marky, I don't know either. And why all the red, beats me. It wasn't there. I haven't painted on site much this year, so maybe I was still in the throes of the abstract thing I've been working on (see below somewhere). It was a peaceful scene too, honestly, with a similar pale green field behind the trees at the water's edge.

Maybe I'll fix it.

Anyway, that's it for now. Will try to catch up again. They had enough people for voter registration today. Felt like a lady of leisure. But all that will change tomorrow. Off to Beloit again.

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