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Thursday, September 02, 2004
Kerry Speech

Just finished listening on CSPAN to the rally speech. Here's the response anyone in their right mind should have:

George who?

Kerry hit on all the DNC Convention themes, but in a less formal, utterly impassioned way. Edwards's abandoned his "two Americas" theme and just let it rip in support of Kerry. "I heard the president say, 'in my next term...' They seem to forget they already had a term."

And Kerry started by saying of George's speech, "This is your wakeup call," and said "All hat, no cattle." "Now I know what RNC stands for -- 'Really Not Compassionate.'

But that was just the windup. Man, he did pretty good at the DNC, but I just can't get over the delivery of this thing tonight. Clearly he knew he was speaking for his political life, and boy, did he deliver. I hope soundbites pop up all over the place.

Still no online response to the as-delivered speech -- though plenty for the released version. You'd have to be nuts not to have a reaction.

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