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Saturday, September 04, 2004
Bush's camp may cut 1 debate
GOP strategist Scott Reed was quoted by the Reuter news agency this week as saying the Bush camp's position is that "two debates are sufficient and will not dominate the entire fall schedule."

"Three debates would have a tendency to be a little overbearing on your campaign strategy and tactics," Reed was quoted as saying.

...Democrats who back Kerry and have sought more one-on-ones with the president howled at the news.
I knew Bush was looking pissed last night. I don't think he thought he should have to be there at all, or that he just had to stand there and be admired for an hour or so. And someone obviously told him that he should speak slowly and distinctly as he read his speech so that it didn't get drowned out by all the applause (I count 102 occurrences, according to the official transcript, not counting other chants, though I recall that some of it seemed a bit tired).

I was looking forward to him standing there foolishly as many times as possible, not answering the question just asked, letting the implant take over.

You'll note that Keyes has stopped (or the IL-GOP has stopped) whining about more debates, and for similar reasons. You don't want your opponent to look moderate and reasonable when you look either like a nut or a dope.

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