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Saturday, April 03, 2004
And Another Star Drops From the Playlists
Metromix.com: Haggard Not 'All That Happy' With Bush

Good morning everyone, again. My, that was a nice nap. This is what happens if I bring the computer to bed with me (I think I mentioned it's one of the best "hotspots" (ahem) for my WI-FI signal) -- but I tend to blog too late, then wake up too early, blog a little, then fall asleep until just about now, so shocking.

Am marshalling strength for assault on the SAIC BFA show this evening -- out at a local art show with friends last night and then up late -- a view good pieces -- may write about later.

And The Sweater had her glamour shots taken yesterday and will be posted later today, most likely. Have pretty much decided what to do for the Summer Sweater, but need to make a final sweep thru the knet before I knit.

I know, I know, go back to bed.

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