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Thursday, April 01, 2004
Voting Age Lowered
Bush Signs Bill Granting Rights to Fetus (washingtonpost.com)

If I don't treat this as an April Fool's joke, I will go mad.

But we should expect it. A woman is only (as someone on the radio said this morning) "potting soil", according to this administration. And once a child is born, no cares, especially about feeding, educatiing, protecting, and keeping them healthy. And, it seems, they only care about a fetus under certain politically interesting circumstances:
The scope of the new law is limited, since it applies only to cases in which a fetus is harmed during the commission of a federal crime against the mother. Among the crimes that would be covered are terrorist attacks and drug-related shootings. State offenses such as most murders would not be covered by the law.

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