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Tuesday, March 30, 2004
Digi Magic
While not exactly a painting, the following is a list from my notebook of the colors I saw at the lake on Sunday. The day today is getting chilly and graying up, though the forsythia have begun to bloom, which I must slip out and paint soon. May try a painting from this list:

TOP (ie, sky overhead)

Pure ultramarine
Grayish white
Reddish gray
Yellowish gray
Pinkish gray
Dark aqua (prussian blue + cad yellow)
Yellow aqua
Dark aqua
Pink aqua
White on yellow aqua
Violet aqua
Raw sienna

BOTTOM (we have just hit the beach)

Below is "Sky Beach", my very first all-digital "painting" done from the above list, only fudged a little. Not all that good, since I'm as expert a photo-shopper (though this is something called Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8, which came as I suppose a dowry with my spouse) as I am a knitter. I reserve the right -- no, the duty to fix or slice this up any time I want.

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