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Sunday, March 28, 2004
Final Madness of the Night
Head going crazy trying to figure out buttonholes and "short row" knitting. Am now on row 4 of the border, the row I'm supposed to put the buttonholes. This is not my strong point, since I hate to measure, and besides, have never been known to actually button a sweater anyway. Hence all my buttonless cardigans.

But I'm going to do this one right, which means not doing it tonight. Searching all around the internet for advice makes me feel weak, and stupid, since everyone else is much more experienced than I am, and they all knew about felting, and were probably laughing, laughing, laughing at my callowness, but I will show them, they can't laugh at me, no they can't.....

she shuffles off to bed, muttering and scratching her head.

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