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Friday, April 02, 2004
What the....?
White House Holds Back Clinton Papers (washingtonpost.com)
Zelikow said in an interview last night that he first notified the White House of the problem in February but that "we don't have answers yet." He said that although some of the documents are duplicates, many others were withheld because Bush lawyers decided they were "not responsive" to the commission's requests.
Insert snarky comment here.

Good morning, America. Still haven't figured out what I should knit next. A friend whispers, "Maybe that means you should paint something instead." But I'm still not listening.

Or I should prowl around the internet searching for govt. press releases of bad news to counteract the supposed good news (screaming headlines about hundreds of thousands of jobs added -- none in the manufacturing sector, you may notice (Companies Add Jobs, but Unemployment Up -- oh, wait -- the NYT Headline didn't mention that the unemployment rate had risen):
Job Growth in March Strongest in 4 Years

308,000 Jobs Created; Growth Markedly Beats Expectations
The vigorous increase in jobs was good news for the Bush administration.
But has anyone noticed (or added up) the headline job losses announced just this week?

EMI -- 1,500 (FYI, 434 of these in downstate, republican Jacksonville, Illinois, population 18,940)
Gateway -- 2,500
Sun -- 3,300
(brain clicks and whirrs as digits fall into place ..... 7,300 from the companies big enough that cuts get noticed by the press).

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