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Monday, September 08, 2008
Don't Know How They Stay in Business
Office Depot, I mean (no, not the GOP, tho is equally valid for them).

The one just up the street no longer carries Epson compatible ink. Isn't this one of the most popular brands of printers in the world? So growled and was surly to the manager, bought my hideously overpriced Light Magenta, and left. When cash register clerk routinely asked me if I found everything I wanted, told her, "No. And there's no point in me coming here ever again, either." She didn't look like she was hurt or cared in the least, or even heard me. I apologise if I let my bad mood wash over her. I've worked as a store clerk, so know what it's like on that side of the counter.

Plus the store smells like nerd.

And now it's raining.

Since I sold my entire greeting card line (sounds so official...) at Farmers Market last week, and we have a new sale coming up on Saturday, Sept. 13, this was why I was ink-shopping. Now the printer says I'm nearly out of Cyan. It never ends. This is what I get for not laying in a good supply whenever the online company I generally use has a "free shipping" sale.

So have ordered, but WILL NOT pay the fast delivery price of 14 bucks. Will find another store that sells Epson ink for the price, if it's late.

Am talking about all this because I've decided that this is going to be a Sarah Palin-free zone from now on. I'm not about to give her more buzz and validity as a candidate by upping her search stats any longer, at least not until she comes out of her cone of silence and hits the campaign trail like any other candidate. Like Joe Biden, for example, Obama's VP choice.

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