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Tuesday, September 02, 2008
Not The Onion
I repeat, not The Onion:

I don't care really what the articles here said. I just wanted to capture the bizarro world that is the Republican Party for all eternity, sending its electrons out into the universe as a warning to other sentient beings that we're not ready to be discovered by you yet.

Is this a new picture of the Twins holding hands, or an old one?

Does Sarah always have her mouth open?

If you can't read the text, please click on it for a bigger, more satisfying experience.

I had been planning to watch at least a little bit of the GOP convention, but I just can't bear it a minute longer. Is a very hot night here in Northern Illinois, just about the first or second that's upper eighties, maybe 90.

Looking in my pocketbook earlier in the year I made the decision to try to get along with just a fan or two, no air-conditioning. And it's been ok, as long as I drink plenty of water, eat salty snacks, and don't move at all.

So have been doing just that plus making snarky comments on everyone's blogs but my own.

That, and playing (or replaying) the wonderful Submachine games from Pastel Games. I had been holding off playing Submachine 4 until Submachine 5 was out. Now I don't want to wait for Submachine 6.

Decisions, decisions.

Only needed one hint to finish it -- and probably would have figured it out eventually. Making my own game has helped me solve other people's games.

So, take care, Bristol. You'll be 18 soon.

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