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Thursday, September 09, 2004
Bad Health
Good morning, all. Is everyone healthy? Good. I was feeling a little scratchy in the throat, but when I read the following I nearly tossed my cookies:

Health Care Premiums Jump 11.2 Percent
NEW YORK - Health care costs continued to surge this year as family premiums in employer-sponsored plans jumped 11.2 percent, the fourth year [ed. hmmm... how long has GWB been in office?] of double-digit growth, according to a new study.

The cumulative effect of rising health care costs is taking a toll on workers: There are at least 5 million fewer jobs providing health insurance in 2004 than there were in 2001, according to the survey of 3,017 companies by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research and Educational Trust.
A liberal conspiracy, you say? You say you have health insurance, and people should just get over it? Well, try paying this:
The average premium for a family of four grew to $9,950 annually. The family premium for a preferred provider organization, the most common type of insurance, hit $10,217 — the first time it broke the $10,000 barrier.
This is why I don't go skiing, not that I have the money. That's a whole lot of "disposable income" I could be using for other things, like giving to the Democratic Party, Congressional Democrats, Senate Democrats, Moveon.org, and anyone else who can help us get out of this mess. Unfortunately, I don't have it, so you must.

At the library again, since it was such fun yesterday, and I must do something to get away from the beautiful day, about 72 degrees, sunny skies, low humidity, gently falling leaves, utterly paintable vistas.

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