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Saturday, September 13, 2008
Wimping Out
Had planned to do farmers market this morning, but sorry. Getting rain now at the rate of about an inch an hour still -- supposed to let up mid morning -- but since everything I have is on paper, it could get bad. I spoke to Joe Taylor last night and at the time he was planning to go (and he's also scheduled to be at the huge Lincoln Park Art Fair this afternoon). And there is a tornado watch in effect, too.

Not pleasant, but not even a minute percent of the mess happening in Texas. Have been watching the control room display from all the local tv stations down there.

Mark, if you check in, I have your stuff in my car, so am sorry. Since the market is on until 1 pm, may bring things over and check it out later.

UPDATE: Just got email that it has been cancelled. Still raining hard where I am, tho has been spotty.

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