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Thursday, June 02, 2005
Hell Freezes Over in London
Turner Prize shock: painter among nominees
LONDON (AFP) - As per usual, there was a shock among the nominees announced for the Turner Prize, Britain's most prestigious art award -- this time a conventional artist.

The Turner Prize is reknowned for favouring controversial conceptual works, but Gillian Carnegie was first person to make the shortlist in five years who exclusively uses paint.
Hmmmm.... does she eat it, or smear it on her body, or on her surgically implanted third breast?

Apparently not.

Good afternoon, nearly evening, my friends. Out painting with a friend since this morning at one of the forest preserves I hunted down over the past week. If Gillian Carnegie can be shortlisted for the Turner, I have a good shot at the Whitney this time. Yes I do.

Was working on the lowering-of-the-horizon I spoke of earlier, lightening the world into pastel humid milkiness, and learning the vocabulary of this particular landscape.

But I resisted painting the horses and peasants. Say what, you ask?

The volunteers needed to plow a field, so the Wagner Farm (the last farm in Cook County, now preserved in amber as part of the Glenview Park District) offered their team of Belgian draft horses. Word apparently got out, and people came to see the team in action.

Needless to say, I was all over them with my camera. Yes, I was one of those obnoxious horse-girls, though not as irritating as my sister, who used to attach rope to me and try to make me her pony (I was much younger at the time).

Today's trees are still in the car, and the horses too. It is spitting rain. I will post the snaps a bit later.

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