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Friday, September 25, 2009
Still Even More Partly All There
Typing this on the new computer -- a widescreen, which takes getting used to. Screen is stunningly clear, and watching stuff on Hulu (which I did no more than 5 minutes after opening the box and plugging the sucker in) is wonderful.

I suppose I'll discover how fast this new one is after going back to the old one when I get around to setting up a network. Doing things on the internet is hobbled by the speed of my connection.

Next job (when I sleep and get organized a bit) is to install graphics programs, etc. and get the printer set up.

I think I'm going to like it. It's wide and a bit narrower than my old laptop. Still not sure how playing games formatted for the older screen will look on this one.

The older computer (which was at the time more than twice the cost of this one) does indeed feel sturdier and more substantial. Think I'll like this, tho. The keyboard feels very good -- keys a little firmer touch, which I actually like, and a little bigger too. Had got into habit of typing the "A" with my ring finger instead of the pinkie. Maybe will try to retrain it, so it doesn't get all flabby.

Touch pad has all sorts of new functionality I've been tripping over. May just disable it while I'm at my desk, since I definitely prefer a mouse.

One cool thing is that the electric cord has a little blue light along the edge -- like a night light. I didn't get the lighted keyboard option, which maybe I should have (since it looked somewhat useful in the store). At some point will turn off all the lights and see whether I like it.

For now, all is cool. Yes, it's another Dell -- not the XPS, just the cheap Studio 15 model with the XP Pro downgrade -- will upgrade (or not) to Windows 7 after Service Pack 1 or 2 comes along. These are things you can plan on with Microsoft.

That's it for now. Still have a lot of crapware to get rid of.

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