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Thursday, September 10, 2009
Nearly Art Fair Ready
... for the Wilmette Arts Fair, that is, (or whatever it's called).

This is what happens when you wait till the last minute:

1) When you're printing stuff out on the printer, you run out of cyan light, and can't print no more. You must run to Office Depot 15 minutes before closing and get an overpriced, actual Epson brand cartridge instead of the no-name stuff you usually get online.

2) You discover that, although you thought you'd bought 4 sheets of identical Fabriano paper, one of them has the watermark on both ends of the sheet, and it's rougher than the other sheets. This means you have to waste one piece of paper (or rather, set it aside for a different project, where placement of the watermark doesn't land in a weird place). Plus the edition has a paper change in the middle. Bummer.

3) You go to Paper Source to get envelopes and discover they'd discontinued the yellow ones that were a perfect match for 2 of your greeting cards.

4) You realize there are not enough surfaces in your house to put stuff on, especially surfaces that don't have a blob of soy sauce just waiting to getcha. The seat of your bicycle becomes a surface.

So we set up tomorrow night, then we're there all day (like from 10 am to 5 pm) Saturday and Sunday. We're right at the Metra tracks for the Wilmette North line station, in the big parking lot near Bank One.

We even have TWO TENTS -- a dozen printmakers -- fun -- prizes (well....they're hopefully giving the prizes to us) -- Julian Cox will be doing his famous printmaking demo with the tiny etching press on Sunday morning.

Look for the Evanston Art Center banner.

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